Buildings, bridges, wind turbines and complex equipment and machinery require regular inspections and ongoing maintenance within the scope of cleaning and servicing, just like other objects. Equipment and the use of climbers or special vehicles quickly turn these tasks into complex endeavours. We offer you an efficient alternative.

Inspection and maintenance within the scope of cleaning and servicing

By combining different measurement methods with our own software solution, we create a highly precise and structurally-accurate reflection of your object as a 3D computer model. Photographs and laser scans of the objects, taken on site, provide the basis for this.
The actual inspection can be carried out retrospectively on a PC, irrespective of the weather, and, it is in no way qualitatively inferior thanks to the high accuracy of the visual inspection.
Environmental damage in forestry and agriculture can also be precisely recorded and assessed using this method. Saving the GPS coordinates also makes it possible to carry out comparative measurements at a later date and thus to observe changes over time.

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