In a nutshell, our mission combines our commitment to quality, our goal and the needs of our customers. Our day-to-day actions are aligned with this maxim.

„We create photo-realistic ‘True Capturing Models’ of historic and infrastructurally significant objects and places,
with the aim of preserving, presenting and functionally monitoring them for the
protection of our customers in the culture, industry and infrastructure sectors.“

TopoTwin. Reality smartly captured.


Technical excellence

We are not nerds. Rather, technical enthusiasts. We get excited by technological developments and are always at the forefront when we think a trend or development is worth keeping an eye on. 

For this reason, we only use the best equipment in our work - and we master it too. Our customers deserve first-class quality.

Service orientation

We could state here that we are friendly, reliable and fair. Of course we are. That goes without saying. Indeed, far more important to us is that we offer you the added value that you expect from us. For this purpose, full concentration on service orientation is required. 

We always advise you in a comprehensive manner, taking into consideration your budget and aims. We will lead you to new ideas and set the tone for your projects. We will go the extra mile for you and convert your concepts into excellent solutions.

Pursuit of the perfect picture

High image quality and high-grade equipment is one side of the coin. Creating good visualisations with these is the other. We are in love with pictures. Also because of our background as photographers and film makers. 

As a result of this passion, we are always careful to set motifs in scene in the best possible way, regardless of whether this is as an (ortho)photo or film production or 3D model - the visualisation wins over the viewer.

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