Preserving cultural assets for today and for posterity is one of the most exciting and challenging tasks of our time. We support you in the execution of this mission.

Modern technology is changing how we safeguard and preserve cultural assets. A method we developed represents the greatest progress in this field, because it combines different measurement methods into one, unique software solution: Cultural Survey.

This technique enables capturing culturally significant places and objects and for these to be digitally recorded. The result is a 3D model which depicts reality in a photo-realistic and high-precision way - both outdoors and indoors.

Whether for archiving, reconstruction or for realistic foundations in planning - starting with this model, many areas of application open up which can support your work and make it easier in important areas. Allow us to offer you advice on the many possibilities available.

Would you like to collaborate with us or do you have any questions?

If you do, please get in touch with us.

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