Marketing works when it surprises people and inspires new impulses in the viewer. Regardless of the sector, we will take you with us on our journey towards extraordinary perspectives and untrodden presentation styles of the highest quality.

Realistic and freely accessible visualisation indoors and outdoors

High-resolution photogrammetry is a method that makes it possible to depict buildings photo-realistically from the outside and the inside in the form of 3D models. Special feature: In the form of a computer game or a VR tour, viewers can experience the individual highlights of the offer, as if they were there themselves. In addition, further elements, such as lighting moods, stages and seating, greenery and much more, can be digitally simulated. A unique opportunity to easily plan and present your ideas. So that you can further edit the data without complications, we provide you with data formats that are compatible with your infrastructure, right through to embedding it on your website.

Aerial photos and film production

Using drones helps to capture emotional pictures of cities and buildings from a bird’s perspective, which facilitates advertising using aerial photographs. For this, we rely on multicopter drones and interactive 360 degree panoramas. Whether image or product films, documentaries or music and educational videos, our in-depth knowledge of film production ensures humorous punchlines and suspense all the way to the end.

The focus for us lies on the message for the target group, from professional colour grading through to the accompanying music, which is perfectly tailored to the scene. Collaborating with us as a partner or sub-contractor is always possible for cross-company projects.

Structurally-accurate 3D prints (3d model)

3D print technology continues to evolve, with more precise print heads and usable materials. Whether you need a 3d model for buildings, objects, terrain or interior spaces, by using the most modern hard- and software technologies, we produce structurally-accurate 3D models in a high-value and photo-realistic quality.

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